What are two ways to see the computers serial number from within the computer interface (i.e., to make the computer show it to you on the screen rather than reading it physically from the back or inside of the machine)?

1. Go to About This Mac, Click twice the text where it says the Mac OS X Version (although this is not a button, the text will change). (Click once over this version number shows you the OS Build version, clicking twice gets you to the computers serial number).

2. Open the Apple System Profiler and look in the Hardware section

When creating a short name for a new user account (or the master user account), what are the requirements of the short name?

The short name can be up to 255 bytes in length. If english is selected as the language, this means up to 127 characters in length. The short name may not contain spaces or special characters (<> {} [] () ^!\#|&$?~)

Unlike many unix systems, the short name can be about 127 characters in length (depending on the language selected), whereas most unix system require this name to be all lowercase and restricted to 8 characters.

On a Erase & Install installation of Mac OS X 10.3 the Setup Assistant runs automatically after the installation completes. Which parts of the Setup Assistant can be skipped, and how is this done?

On the first page of the Setup Assistant, the country selection cannot be skipped.

To skip the Your Apple ID page, select Dont create an Apple ID for me and click Continue

On the next page, to skip the registration press Cmd-Q and click Skip when the registration page comes up.

On the next page, you are required to configure your mac with a Name, Short name, password (and verify the password).

Note: This process described above to creating a local account, not to pull information from a NetInfo Directory.