During a NetBoot, after receiving an IP address from the NetBoot server, the client sends a request for the startup software. What does the NetBoot server deliver to the client at this point, and how?

a boot ROM file, via Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) using the default port 69

(1) Which two network protocols can you use to serve a Mac OS X NetBoot image to clients? (2) What protocol was used in Mac OS 9 and is used to serve a NetBoot Mac OS 9 image? (3) What protocol is used for a Netbook OS X (diskless) image? (4) Is DHCP Required?

(1) NetBoot Mac OS X image: NFS and HTTP

(2) Mac OS 9: AFP

(3) NetBoot OS X diskless: AFP

(4) DHCP is only required if the server also assigns IP addresses

What is the most secure method of ensuring that clients can only print to defined queues? What happens if you dont do this?

Maintain printers on a private network visible only to the server, then train users to send document to a defined print queue or printer pool

if your networkable printers are on the same network (visible) to your server AND all your users, your users will be able to (and may attempt) to bypass the print service features and send jobs directly to the printer. The recommendation above is to prevent this.

When a new Mac OS X Server 10.4 computer starts up for the first time, where does Server Assistant look for an XML configuration file (to be used for auto config)?

at the top level of any mounted volume

What does it mean in your shell prompt (terminal) if the last charater of the shell prompt is # (pound) instead of $ (dollar sign)?

That you are logged in as root.

How to troubleshoot a computer with Open Firmware Password enabled

How to troubleshoot a computer with Open Firmware Password enabled
If you cannot access the Open Firmware Password application and need to troubleshoot your computer by:

Resetting the PRAM
Starting up in Single-user mode
Starting up in Verbose mode
Starting from CD-ROM

Then follow these steps:

Start up into Open Firmware by pressing and holding the Command-Option-O-F key combination during startup.
At the Open Firmware prompt, type: reset-nvram
Press Return.
When prompted for your password, enter it and press the Return key. It responds OK.
At the Open Firmware prompt, type: reset-all
Press Return.

The computer restarts and you are now be able to reset the PRAM and startup in Single-user mode, Verbose mode, or from CD-ROM.

Kerberos – Does kerberos require service discovery to be present?

No, Kerberos is however based on properly domain name resolution.

In Mac OS X – where do kernal extensions (“kext”) load from?


cp, ditto, du, pwd, CpMac — which one of these commands is not installed by Mac OS X 10.3 installer by default, but does get added to your system if you install the developer tools?

CpMac — for copying resource forks and metadata

This feature was built-in to OS 10.4 TIgers cp command by default, and so is no longer relevant.

What is the location and name of the kernal panic log file?