What are the three ways to boot a client machine from a NetBoot image?

– press N key during startup (does not change startup disk preference)

– while booted, open Startup Disk in System preferences and select the NetBoot image (changes startup disk preference so all subsequent boots default to the NetBoot image)

– hold option key during startup to start into boot choice mode.

Using the filtering feature of NetBoot, how do you specify who can/cant use the NetBoot server?

allow only clients in list (deny others) or deny only clients in list (allow others)

the client list is specified by MAC address of the client machiens

Where are the shadow files stored if the image type is OS X NetBoot, where are the shadow files stored if the image type is Diskless?

normal: on the client local hard drive in

When diskless option is enabled, the shadow files are stored in a sharepoint on the server named NetBootClientsn in /Library/NetBoot where n is the number of the client using the shadow file

When a client computer booted via NetBoot has to write databack to the startup disk, what is the names of the virtual files that are used for this purpose?

shadow files

How many NetBoot images can you host with a single OS X Server running NetBoot server? (maximum limit)


What features can you specify when creating a NetBoot image in System Image Utility?

directory services feature – copies the directory server settings from teh server to each client image to make a unique CPU Directory Services settings

sharing preferences – allows adding of computer names (hostname/Bonjour name) at runtime

ByHost preferences – by matching the MAC addresses of the clients, you can install clean preferences for each startup client using the Netboot server

Block copy – this is the file format for network image files (older formats supported but you cannot create the older format files with SIU)

automated Network Install & Apple Software Restore

checksums – validate an image by checking the files inside against a known list, making sure the files have not changed

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On Mac OS X Server 10.4, what is the open source software used to handle local mail delivery, both POP and IMAP?


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