Which prefrences can be managed for user, computer list, or group?

Energy saver – managed prefs can be for computer list only

Internet prefs – managed prefs can be for user, computer, or group

Finder prefs – managed prefs can be for user, computer, or group

Applications – – managed prefs can be for user, computer, or group

When opening Microsoft Word (also seen in Excel), application opens with error message Font name — is corrupt. Please remove. The error message appears for every font in the system.

First, note that this error is normal when there is actually a corrupt font. Use Suitcase Fusion or Font Doctor to diagnose/fix/remove any single corrupted font.

However, if the problem happens for all fonts when a Microsoft app loads, (i.e., it shows the error again and again for every font in the system), this symptom has been observed to appear when Apples font caches are corrupted. Use Font Finagler to remove the Apple cache files.

One interesting point about the symptom is that the MS app was showing errors on fonts that were already removed, so this was a clue to the fact that it was loading this corrupted info from the cache and DB files and not recognizing that the actual fonts in the system.

Font Finagler

Suitcase Fusion

Font Doctor

What is a metapackage and what is a distribution project? Think of an Apple example of a metapackage.

metapackages – contain no files, are groupings of either individual packages or other metapackages that you create in packageMaker. (example: Mac OS X Install disk is a metapackage; or the iLife installer which is a metapackage is made up of packages for iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, etc)

Distribution Project – single documents (usually within an Installer package) that describe the entire installation experience of a particular product. A distribution script contains all of the resources and logic necessary to provide the complete presentation of the Installers user interface to the user.

The distribution project is used for a complicated metapackage & subpackage project, and is used by the Installer to provide a consistent user experience, even if you make changes to subpackages contained within your metapackage. This is because the distribution project contains all the resources for the user experience: background pics, Read Me text, licenses, etc).

What is the difference between a group and a workgroup? (in Mac OS X Server 10.4)

A workgroup is a group that has managed preferences.

When using mobile accounts with Mac OS X Server 10.4, which folders are syncrhonized? Which were available for synchronizing under 10.3?

Only the Home folder hierarchy

Under 10.3, no synchronization was possible even though 10.3 server supported mobile users (synchronization only works under 10.4)


Can a user be a member of more than one group? Can a computer be a member of more than one computer list?

Can a user be a member of more than one group?

Can a computer be a member of more than one computer list?

Describe the Idle Users options for AFP connetions.

Server Admin -> AFP -> Settings -> Idle Users

Allow clients to sleep X hours – will not show as idle.

Disconnect idle users after X minutes
except: ( ) Guests, ( ) Administrators, ( ) Registered Users, ( ) Idle users who have open files
(each can be checked on or off)

You can also set the disconnect message here

Kerberos – Does kerberos require service discovery to be present?

No, Kerberos is however based on properly domain name resolution.

If Kerberos tickets are being granted but the user is still experiencing authentication errors, what is likely happening?

the keytab file on the server may contain a duplicate set of keys


Where can I find (view) the actual Kerberos tickets themselves?