Apple Airport Express Base Station models A1088, A1264, and A1392

If you own an Apple Airport Express Base station model number A1088 (sold 2004-2008), it will no longer update with Apple Airport Utility 5.7.

If you have a later version A1264 (sold 2008 to 2012) or (sold 2012 to 2018) it will continue to work with the modern Airport Utility.

To update Airport A1088, you need to use an old version of Apple Airport Utility (5.6.1), which can only run on very old operating systems.

see this link for reference.


Halfway to One Point Oh: UTM Version 0.5

Today I’ve finished version 0.5 of my new Gem, Universal Track Manager.

It’s a plug-and-play Rails engine that you install into your Ruby on Rails application with just three simple steps (see the README). You can then immediately pick up your visitors’:

IP address
Ad campaign where they came from
the browser they are using

In my next version, I’ll add support for http referrer and more too. Give it a try today.

If you like the Gem, please ‘star’ it on Github or download it from RubyGems (you do that just by running bundle install). Also, consider supporting it today with a small contribution today through the Github sponsors program. Sponsors levels start at just $1/month.