Domain Design & Event Sourcing Videos

The Single Responsibility Principle — Robert C Martin (June 2014)

An annoyingly pedantic talk that covers the basics of why we separate concerns in software. He covers the fundamental SOLID principle of single responsibilty: separate things that change for different reasons, and group together things that change for the same reasons.

Martin pontificates for many minutes about different anti-patterns found in software and business, and manages to talk down to the audience while he does it.

My Take: This is a skippable video as it doesn’t cover much more than that very basics of what SRP is, which you can glean faster than listening to this dude. As well, Martin doesn’t really address the differeing complexities of a large business vs. a small business.

Domain Modeling Made Functional — Scott Wlashin

Representing State The Kotlin Edition — Christina Lee (KotlinConf 2018)

Event Sourcing is Actually Just Functional Code — Greg Young

CQRS And Event Sourcing — Greg Young

Domain Drivin Design, Event Sourcing and CQRS With F# and EventSource