Policy for Recruiters and Head Hunters

Recruiters and Head Hunters,

Thank you for considering my background for your client. Please note that this policy applies at all times under all conditions to all negotiations I engage within my professional life:

FOR EMPLOYMENT (W2): If you are attempting to place me for an employer-employee relationship (W2), please make the introduction if you think appropriate. Once the introduction is made, it is preferable to me that you not be involved in the negotiation, back-and-forth, or scheduling whatsoever. Prior experience has taught me that when recruiters become part of this process they do not typically act in my best interests. I ask that you respectfully abide by this as it is my prerogative to define my boundaries as a professional in the field in which I work.

FOR CONTRACTOR (1099) WORK: If you introduce me to a client who turns into work for me, I will pay you a finder’s fee from my company. I encourage you to negotiate this finder’s fee with me early and up-front in the process. Under no circumstances will I ever work as a subcontractor for your company. Furthermore, our work together implies NO PARTNERSHIP (under contract law). Other than the negotiated finder’s fee, you will have no claims to ongoing income from my work as a contractor. Thank you for understanding contract law and abiding by its fundamental tenants.