Universal Track Manager

A plug-and-play Rails engine for tracking your visitors’ IP address, the ad campaign where they came from, their browser, or the referring website.

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Universal Track Manager, also known as UTM, is a gem to track your visitors and their pageloads. You can use it to track Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters, and the fact that these two things abbreviate to the same letters is play-on-words.

You can use Universal Track Manager to track simple information like browser, IP address, http referrer, and your inbound UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters. Because UTM parameters are used most commonly with advirtising, we also refer to tracking your UTM parameters as “ad campaigns” or just “campaigns”.

In particular, this Gem can be used to solve the common first-land problem where UTM parameters are present only in the first page of a user’s visit, but not available naturally a few steps later when the event you want to track happens (see ‘UTM Hooks’)

Visits are a lot like Rails sessions; in fact, this Gem piggybacks off of Rails sessions for tracking the visit. (You will need to have a session store set up and in place.)

However, visits are not identical to sessions. More than one visit can have been created from the same session.

A session will have only one visit at a time. If a new visit event happens within an existing session, like the user returns in the same browser the following day, the old visit gets evicted from the session and a link between the newly created visit and old visit is maintained in the visits table.

UTM is an easy, plug-and-play way to tie your Rails apps into this wealth of data.